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F47: Management and Outcome of Inadvertent Intralenticular Dexamethasone Rod
F48: Phaco With Zonular Dialysis: Seven Pearls
F49: Maxpro: The Third Instrument
F50: Viscoelastic Capsule Guard
F51: Video Endoscopic Evaluation of the Posterior Segment in Patients With Corneal Opacification Being Considered for Keratoprostheses
F52: Exploring the Limits of Femtosecond Laser- Assisted Cataract Surgery
F53: This Is Not a New Technique for Scleral Fixation
F54: Use Both Hands
F55: Safety and Efficacy of a New Oval Shape Phacotip in MICS
F56: Combined Phaco-Vitrectomy: Ensuring a Successful Collaboration
F57: Scleral Necrosis Following Eye Whitening Procedure
F59: Phacoemulsification in Cataracts With Corneal Opacity
F60: Strategies for Cataract Surgery in Eyes With Neovascular Disease
F61: Percent Tissue Altered: The Story of Its Significant Role As a Risk Factor for Ectasia
F62: Cyclodialysis Cleft: Diagnosis, Causes, Management, and More