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F2: The Toric Enigma
F3: Management of Intraoperative Challenges During Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery
F4: Cionni Ring to the Rescue of Intraoperative Zonular Dialysis Secondary to Anterior†Chamber Fluctuation in a Patient with High Axial Myopia
F5: Wound Burn
F6: Posterior Migration of a Malyugin Ring During Phacoemulsification and Subsequent Retrieval Through the Pars Plana
F7: Surgical Management of Luxated IOL Combined with DSAEK in Complicated Cataract Surgery
F8: Surgical Approach†of Multiple Iris Stromal Cysts†After Juvenile Cataract†Removal
F8A: Acuity
F9: Sticky Situation
F10: IOL Vitreous Rescue and Posterior Iris Suture in Absence of Capsule Support
F11: Donít Worry, Be Happy
F12: Anything Can Happen-Be Ready with Everything
F13: Chronic Postoperative Inflammation
F14: Repair of Descemet Membrane Detachment After Cataract Surgery
F15: Femtophaco Follies
F16: Managing Huge Iridodialysis During Phacoemulsification