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F18: Phaco in Keratoconus
F19: Complex Cases Made Simpler: Femtosecond-Assisted Cataract Surgery in Difficult and Challenging Cases
F20: The Science Behind the Art of Phaco Chop-Getting It Right Every Time
F21: Alternative Treatment for Traumatic Aniridia with Aphakia: Haptic Suture of an IOL on a Foldable Iris Prosthesis
F23: Miscellaneous Cataract Trials and Tribulations from the Past Year
F24: Microincision Transscleral Fixation of a Single-Piece Intraocular Lens
F26: Hydrogel Sealant-Best Practices for Watertight Closure of Cataract Wounds
F27: Tips and Tricks in Managing CCC in White Intumescent Cataract
F28: Quantitative Evaluation of Red Reflex Between Nearly Collimated Beam and Focused-Beam Microscope Illumination Systems for Cataract Surgery
F29: Improving Refractive Outcomes: Treating Inside the Capsule with Trypan Blue
F31: Fun with Femtosecond Lasers
F32: Unexpected Complication After Phakic IOL Implantation
F33: Pars Plana Vitrectomy: An Alternative Treatment for Capsular Block Syndrome
F35: Management of Phakic IOL Complications
F36: Acquired Lens Coloboma-A New Challenge
F37: Pearls for Piggyback IOL Implantation
F41: The Tough Ten-Just Do It the Right Way