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Film Winners

Cataract Complications - Winner
F15: Femtophaco Follies
Yeoh, Ronald
Cataract Complications - Runner-Up
F3: Management of Intraoperative Challenges During Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery
Basti, Surendra
Glaucoma Surgery - Winner
F44: Supra-Tenon Capsule Placement of a Glaucoma Drainage Device
Huang, Derek
Glaucoma Surgery - Runner-Up
F45: Effect of Combine Aqueous Outflow Reconstruction and Vitreoretinal Surgery in Juvenile Diabetic Retinopathy: Induced Neovascular Glaucoma
Nagahara, Miyuki
Cataract/Implant Surgery - Winner
F31: Fun with Femtosecond Lasers
Mamalis, Nick
Cataract/Implant Surgery - Runner-Up
F19: Complex Cases Made Simpler: Femtosecond-Assisted Cataract Surgery in Difficult and Challenging Cases
Crema, Armando
In-House Production - Winner
F52: Exploring the Limits of Femtosecond Laser- Assisted Cataract Surgery
Grewal, Dilraj
In-House Production - Runner-Up
F48: Phaco With Zonular Dialysis: Seven Pearls
Chang, David
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Best of the Best Winner
F64: North-South-East-West: Improving Toric IOL Axis Alignment
Barrett, Graham
Instruments & Devices/IOLs - Runner-Up
F70: A Tale of Two Tools
Osher, Robert
New Producer/Young Physician - Winner
F76: Combined Femtosecond Intrastromal  Lenticule Implantation With Accelerated Cross Linking: New Treatment Modality for Mild to Moderate Keratoconus
Brar, Sheetal
New Producer/Young Physician - Runner-Up
F87: Sleeved Hydrodissection
Nezu, Naohisa
New Techniques - Winner
F107: Double-Needle Iris-IOL Fixation
Hart, John
New Techniques - Runner-Up
F51: Video Endoscopic Evaluation of the Posterior Segment in Patients With Corneal Opacification Being Considered for Keratoprostheses
Gibbons, Allister
People's Choice Award - Winner
F29: Improving Refractive Outcomes: Treating Inside the Capsule with Trypan Blue
Mahootchi, Ahad
People's Choice Award - Runner-Up
F16: Managing Huge Iridodialysis During Phacoemulsification
Yousif, Mohamed
Quality Teaching - Winner
F135: Enhanced Screening for Ectasia Susceptibility
Ramos, Isaac
Quality Teaching - Runner-Up
F130: Let There be Wavefront V: Interaction of Optical and Neural Factors
Kim, Myoung Joon
Refractive/Cornea Surgery - Best of the Best Winner
F153: Descemetorhexis Without Transplantation for Guttata Predominant Fuchs Dystrophy
Moloney, Gregory
Refractive/Cornea Surgery - Runner-Up
F145: Big Bubble-No Trouble
Fogla, Rajesh
Special Interest - Grand Prize
F185: Strange Stories, Amazing Facts : The Wavefront Omnibus
Srivastava, Samaresh
Special Interest - Runner-Up
F172: Capsular Bag Transplantation Plus Cow-Hitch Suture Technique for Aphakia and Aniridia
González del Valle, Fernando